Rom:one is a disc we published back in 2001. Here’s what Creative Review had to say about it…

“Rom and son show off the skills which have earned them a formidable reputation in the new media design business in rom:one, a self published experimental CD-Rom. In the sound section cool toys include Globe, which allows you to make twinkly music via a rotating globe of lights. There are two great games: one that involves pouring tea without spilling a drop, and another, where the player is an air hostess, who has to seat as many passengers as possible within a certain amount of time. Experiments in interactive narrative are also included.”

And here’s the blurb from inside the cover…

sound game story

in the beginning was the conversation.

phase is a polyrythm toy
globe is a loop toy
stacks is a mix toy
projection is a blue toy

you are an air hostess
you are a tea lady

monsters tell stories
the cat is a real cat