Red Earth kiosk attractor

the brief

Red Earth is a popular make up brand in Hong Kong with multiple retail stores. Having already invested in digital technology in the form of an instore kiosk offering product information and advice to customers Red Earth were keen to present this facility in an interesting and edgy way which would grab the attention and imagination of shoppers.

the project

Rom and son developed attractor software to draw shop visitors to engage with the kiosk content.

On approaching the kiosk the user notices a large attractive image of a model’s face on the screen. The image is animating in response to the music and background noise of the store, bringing the screen to life by creating an immediate, sensory link between the real world and the screen.

Text invites onlookers to touch the screen. Just to see what will happen the user reaches out a hand, as their finger touches the screen the image ripples like a liquid in response. Delighted by the sensual, beautiful and surprising effect of their interaction the user touches the screen a second time; they begin to drag their finger across the screen and to stab at the screen in different places, the image ripples and waves in response. Once the user is engaged with this immediately entertaining interactive experience they are offered the chance to delve deeper into the content of the kiosk.