Benetton in store installations

the brief

To create branded interactive experiences inside Benetton stores which increase customer dwell time.

the project

Rom and son created two installations, the first a wall mounted touch screen jukebox uses an intuitive interface in which musical tracks are represented by isometric cubes. The user presses a cube once to see the track listing, and again to place the cube within the queue of tracks waiting to play. The animated onscreen dancer is programmed to respond to sound, when the music plays he dances along. The jukebox is freely available on the shop floor to be used by store staff and shoppers.

The second installation takes the form of a simple visual toy, giving the user the chance to interact with Oliviero Toscani’s famous photography through an interface similar to the old paper and pen game ‘consequences’. Players are free to sort the faces into matching sets of features, or experiment with creating new combinations. The installation runs inside the store on a wallmounted touchscreen. The features on the faces are switched by touching them directly on the display. The image from the touchscreen is simultaneously projected at a much larger scale, to form the shop window display and is visible from the street outside.